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As far back as I can remember, I had a deep-rooted interest in art and music. There is something special about sitting down with a pencil and sketchbook or paintbrush and canvas. I get to paint my own world and get lost in brush strokes and vibrant color.


Life is full of beautiful things, and nature in particular inspires much of my work.  I grew up in the desert of the southwest, so it might be surprising to learn that my favorite thing to paint is water...especially the ocean.  I love how it moves and reflects light.  It can be still and as reflective as a mirror or be powerful crashing waves.  My paintings are often places I have visited (or want to visit).


I am blessed to have been raised in a family of creative and inspiring people who encouraged me to explore my God-given artistic gifts.  While I didn't have the opportunity to study under any prestigious artists, I was inspired by some "greats" of my own.


One of the greatest influences in my life was my grandmother. As a pastor's wife, she exhibited grace and composure like no one else I've ever met.  She could turn a few scraps in the fridge and pantry into a feast, and she was overflowing with creativity.  My sister and I spent hours with her when we were growing up, listening to her stories, laughing, and finding creative ways to turn random household objects into what we felt were priceless works of art. 


She taught us to look at the world in a different way.  A left over piece of wallpaper and some remnants of fabric and lace could be transformed into a beautiful fan wallhanging.  She knew how to make the best of any situation and find beauty and value in the most seemingly mundane things.  She lived her life with passion and gusto, and she didn't apologize if it didn't meet the rest of the world's expectations.  I miss her everyday, but I am grateful that her creative legacy have inspired many of my brush strokes as much as she personally inspired my life.  


My parents and aunts and uncles also influenced my creativity and interest in art.  We were fortunate to be surrounded by artists, musicians, and just all around really smart and wonderful people.  I am grateful for every lesson learned and experience (good and bad) that has shaped who I am today, and I hope that the artwork I produce helps someone else want to pick up a paintbrush or do something special.  




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